What We Do


We go from the producer to world:

Supply & trading chain:

  1. We purchase rice from producers in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.
  2. We clean and select the raw rice at Arrozeira Da Quinta.
  3. We storage in our silos.
  4. We blend and improve through an industrialization process to obtain different types of rice for each specific market.
  5. We stock the final product.
  6. We deliver to destination markets.

We also provide industrialization service to third party colleagues.


  • Broken Rice for Animal Feed
  • Broken Rice for Human Consumption
  • Paddy Rice
  • White Rice
  • Rice Bran Pellets
  • 25% White Rice

Organic Soybean for feeding – NOP certified

Organic is smart. Organic is sustainable.

Production, certification & trading:

  1. We do the production process for the organic soybean.
  2. We have a highly qualified and specialised team to grow organic in each country we operate.
  3. We certify the land, the product and the treatment plant with NOP and SUE standards for the USA and EU markets.
  4. We export top quality product to destination markets.

Click to see a brief reel of our 2019 production campaign in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Smart Trading

  • We use our trading and logistics expertise to operate worldwide by delivering agriproducts from producers to consumers by doing smart trading.
  • We aim to create and develop long term sustainable business flows.